Thursday, April 14, 2011

30 Days of Horror: Day 14

"Day 14 - Your favorite zombie film"

Oh fuck me, man. This is like asking me what's my favorite breath of air. Man...let's go with "Zombie Lake".

I really love "Zombie Lake" in a bad sorta way. It's not a good movie. At all. But it's a lot of fun to watch. And there's a shit-ton of nudity, which is always a plus. I reviewed it a few years ago, and I need to rewatch it, but here's a quick summary.

A town in France somewhere has a lake, and a bunch of years ago, during WWII, some Nazi's came into town and started fucking shit up. One Nazi fell in love with a girl, fucked her in a barn, and pretty much carried up a secret affair with her. Then one day, the mayor of this town got fed up with the Nazi's running around his town and he ordered the townspeople to kill the Nazi's, including the one having the affair with the girl, then dumping the bodies into the town's lake.

Now the Nazi soliders are back for revenge! They kill whoever is dumb enough to swim in a lake full of dead bodies, then they eventually march into town. The dead nazi lover boy locates the woman he was banging and meets his daughter. It's kind of touching in a way.

Anyway, what makes this movie fun (besides the nudity) is just how poorly this was shot. The "lake" is really a swimming pool, and the zombie make up washes off easily. It's not for "serious" film lovers, but it's a fucking riot.

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