Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Top 8 Movie's I'd Want If I Was On Gilligan's Island

Over on this here site, the dude running it put out a blog-a-thon of sorts for people to write up a list of 8 Movie's They'd Like To Have if They Were On A Deserted Island (That's a long ass title). As a result of this, I will be debuting a new feature (really? another one? Jason, you suck) where I do my own sort of lists. I can't put my name on this one since it wasn't my idea but the others? I'm like Trump, baby.

Anyway. Looking at a couple of others peoples lists I see they put one of each genre. I said "screw that noise" and pick 8 movies I'd love to see over and over again. I guess this also could be 8 movies I'd save if my place was on fire, but that'd mean I'd be burnt alive trying to pick the 8th.

Ok, enough stalling. Let's get on with it.

8. Billy Madison-I fucking love this movie. It's on cable almost every day and if I catch it, I watch it, even if I seen it the previous day. I can quote the hell out of this movie. I even had downloaded at one time (prior to my computer getting wiped out) the song he sang in the middle of the movie.
"Veronica! I thank you! For beating the shit out of me!!"

7. The Hangover-I promise they all won't be comedies. But I too could watch this movie over and over, anytime it's on. Plus you get to see Heather Graham's boobs, so that's worth something. (Why, no I haven't seen "Boogie Nights" all the way though, why do you ask?)

6. The Re-Animator-I don't have anything to say about this, really. I mean it's The Fuckin' Re-Animator. Best zombie movie since...

5. Dawn of the Dead-And I do mean the classic 1978 film. Not that I have problems with the remake, I like the remake enough, but I gotta go with the classic on this. Plus, this movie deals with isolation well, so I could relate enough probably.

4. Clerks-Out of all the Kevin Smith films I could pick, I'll go with the classic. Of course, watching this would make me wish I could see Clerks 2, which I love just as much, if not more. But I could quote this movie more easily. Speaking of quoteable movies...

3. Pulp Fiction-Again, of all the Quentin Taratino films I have, I went with this one. This is my absolute favorite GOOD movie OF ALL TIME. Yes OF ALL FUCKING TIME! Deal with it. It's like the perfect movie. It's got a great story, compelling characters, awesome music, it's told non-linear. It's just awesome.

2. The Room-I'd need a good bad but reall bad in a good way movie with me. I mean think about it, I'm shipwrecked on an island and I'm eating coconuts and whatever fish I could grab. What could make me feel better? How about Tommy Wiseau trying to act? Plus watching this will make me think about how I met him and then I'd really cheer up.

1. Basket Case-I got to, man. I mean...HE PICKS HIM UP BY THE MOTHERFUCKING BALLS!!! How COULD I NOT have this movie on my list? I should be watching this every day anyway.

So anyway, that's my list. If you wanna participate you have until April 9th to email the dude and make your list. I'll have more on my own new feature later on.


Fletch said...

I haven't made my list yet, but if I freak out at the last second, I'm taking yours. Hope that doesn't kill your B movie credibility.

Funny shit as usual, Jason. We really do need to see more of Heather Graham's boobs while she's still young.

Aiden R. said...

Just watched Billy Madison last night and it's still the best thing Sandler's done for this world. "That'll end your PRECIOUS field trip!"

Awesome list, man. I really need to see Basket Case.

Alex said...

Haha damn you'll be having a sweet time on that island with this list!

Olive said...

Was going to include Pulp Fiction too, but left it out last minute.

Kai B. Parker said...

I took Dawn of the Dead as well but brought Mallrats for my Kevin Smith fix... and:
"He called the shit poop."
"Is that it Dad? Did the Penguin tell you to do this?"
"That is correct!"
"Ms. Lippy's car is green!"
I could go on all day... just watched it last night. Great call on BM... I called the shit BM... cuz BM is the shit! Great List!!!

Heather said...

What day is it?


Best line ever in film. I feel kind of guilty for not having Billy Madison on my list. It should have found it's way in.

Anonymous said...

"Pulp Fiction" and "The Hangover"? You are a dude after my own heart.

Anonymous said...

Why didn’t I go for Dawn of the Dead on my list? Thanks for taking part.

The Film Cynics said...

I got lost on a hike with my daughter today - pretty far in the woods - and for some reason, all that was running through my head were lines from Billy Madison. "He called the shit "poop"!" It is therefore my impression that your list is inspired by actual events of being lost in the wilderness or on an island and you get full props for that!

Great list, so many fun titles!