Saturday, March 06, 2010


This is less of a review and more of a recommendation. You all NEED to see this movie. I can't stress this enough. I'll go so far as to tell you the plot but that's all.

It focuses on street fighter Kristi, played by Cynthia Rothrock, who's fighting to put her sister through college. We also focus on professional psychopath Paul aka Stingray, who's married to a chick named Anna. Stingray loves to come home, rape his wife, and think about sweaty dudes while doing it. Anna has had enough, so she leaves him and this REALLY sets him off. Stingray combs the streets finding girls that look REMOTELY like Anna and does more brutal stuff to them.

One of the girls Stingray does this too is Karen, Kristi's sister. Kristi is pissed and is on a personal manhunt to find Stingray and get revenge. Oh and this is what Stingray looks like:

All the pictures I grabbed from the movie were of him cause, look at him. He's so glorious. And that mulllet. My GOD that mullet. He is the best villian in the world.

If you still need some convincing, here's some videos:

And if you don't care about spoilers here's the final fight. Aw hell, watch it anyway.

That's all I'm saying about this movie. And you know what else I say about it? And I'm not shitting you:


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Matt-suzaka said...

Ha, I actually own this on DVD and I actually reviewed it pretty recently. The film is beyond incredible and there are so many funny things about it, including Stingray's minivan and sleeveless jean jacket. The final battle is one of the best and if you enjoyed Undefeatable, then you have to check out The Stabilizer!