Monday, January 10, 2011

Jason Made A Video #13

In this video, I filmed everything in one take, and there are no edits whatsoever. It wasn't as hard as I thought it'd be.

(That's what she said.)


Nick said...


Though one question... was this filmed all in one take? :P

Anyway, nice coke challenge. Also, I'm tempted to do a one-take response myself (not the coke bit, but a one-take thing for The Vlog).

Did you carry your tripod around with you?

Jason Soto said...

Yep, it was filmed in one take. Glad you picked up on that.

And yeah, I carried my tripod the entire time. The legs collapse easily so it was easy to carry.

Glad you liked it! I'm guessing your can of pop wasn't cold when you did your challenge. I didn't even think of the brain freeze portion. Oh well. No guts, no glory.

Nick said...

Actually, yeah... I had just taken it out of the fridge. I didn't get a brain freeze, but it burned the hell out of my throat.

Anonymous said...

Children of Men ain't got nothin' on dis!

You're trivia bit always drives me crazy. I think that's the point, but man, it always leaves me wondering.

I've really dug Community, especially the latter half of season one and the front end of season two.

Fletch said...

The thing that impresses me most is that you never cracked yourself up when doing Cokie, but it sounded like you almost did once.

You sure nursed that Coke. Weak!!! Getting a brain freeze = even weaker! Me using "weak" = super weak!!!!

Brave doing this one take business for Ep 13. Surprised you didn't break a mirror or something.

Haha...Tiffany. Dweeb.

Jason Soto said...

What do you mean, weak?? It was all in one chug?? Jeez!

And I'm not sure what you meant when you said I almost cracked myself up doing Cokie. I didn't, not that I'm aware.