Sunday, January 16, 2011


As anyone that pays ANY attention to me (and if you don't, I don't blame you), you know I'm a fan of Stacie Ponder over at Final Girl. So imagine my surprise when I found out she MADE A HORROR MOVIE! I was like "SUH-WEEET!!!" Cause if there's one horror fans think they know is how to make a horror movie. And Ms. Ponder...fuckin' knows how to make a horror movie.

If you want to read the production journal on the making of the movie, and all the craziness that went down during filming, check this post out and read all the parts. Any wannabe film makers out there will just shudder and think twice before picking up that camera. And you can also order the movie through that link, which is something I highly recommend doing.

So "Ludlow". It's about a chick named Krista (Shannon Lark) who's in an abusive relationship so she flees to some dirtbag hotel in the desert, in the town of Ludlow. Once in the hotel, Krista starts drinking nothing but vodka and eating nothing but perscription pills. She gets a call from her sister Maddy (Elissa Dowling) and tells her where she's at, leaving them two the only people that know where Krista is at.

While Krista gets drunk, she keeps getting calls from her boyfriend Steve (Ned Christenson) whom she ignores. Once the couple next store starts fucking and Krista gets "the urge" (I should write textbooks for young girls), things start getting fucking crazy.

She finds her hand covered in blood and she freaks out and washes it when she notices the blood on the bed has dissappeared. Confused, she drinks and pops more pills. Soon, reality gets really distorted and we're left to wonder what the fuck is going on, but in a good way.

The rest of the movie is hard to describe cause it's mainly Krista going around, not sure what's happening. And she isn't sure if the shit she's seeing is real or part of mixing booze and pills. She swears Steve is around, fucking with her, along with beating the shit out of her. Elissa arrives at the hotel...or does she?

The final few minutes of the movie will make your head swirl and you immedately start feeling like Krista. Much isn't explained, which normally bugs me but here I liked it. I liked the uncertainy of all the events we saw. We kind of get a hint during the final shot but even that raises a bunch of questions.

And her phone is as much of a character as anyone else. It rings every two minutes in the movie and you know it's either Steve looking for her or Maddy wondering what's going on. When everything goes off the rails, even the phone acts confused and befuddled and we're left wondering if anyone is really on the other end. Or if maybe she's calling some poor confused guy in China.

Overall, this movie is great. It'll keep you wondering and guessing at every turn. It was beautifully shot and having Miss Lark as a friend must be awesome cause she's pretty easy on the eyes. Everybody did a great job in their performace. Including the cell phone.


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