Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Soto List Special: My 2010 Wrap Up Thingy!

It seems like every single blog I read is doing some sort of 2010 wrap up post. Me being the unoriginal follower that I am, felt compelled to do one.

"But Jason," you are saying right now, "they are talking about the GOOD movies people watch in theaters. You watch a bunch of crap nobody ever heard of that came out 10 million years ago. And nobody loves you!"

Wow, you're a pretty hateful person, aren't you? Well anyway...

What makes this post different is I'm gonna be all over the place. I'm gonna talk about my Top Five Favorite Movies I Seen in Theaters, Top Five Favorite Movies I Discovered This Year, and my Top Ten Worst Movies I Reviewed This Year. Good? Good!

Top Five Favorite Movies I Seen In Theaters
5. Hot Tub Time Machine-Seriously, this movie is severely underrated. Although I get the feeling it's going to be one of those cult classics some years from now. Plus maybe it's just cause I have a thing for time travel movies. I dunno.
4. Cop Out-WHY DOES EVERYBODY HATE THIS MOVIE?? I don't get it! Why??.....WHY???
3. Let Me In-I have not seen the original and from what it sounds like, the remake is much better. I was floored when I left the theater and I frankly wanna see it again really soon.
2. Inception-What the hell do I have to add to this? It's fucking awesome! Although I'm sure the good movie blogs left the word "fucking" but eh, it belongs there. Dear Good Movie Blogs, put more fucking, literally and figuratively, in your reviews. Thanks!

(Maybe this is why I don't do "good" movie blogs. Oh and before anyone says "What about Harry Potter 7?" I'm waiting to see Part 2 and gonna judge it has a whole movie, kinda like "Kill Bill". Part 1 was fucking amazing, for the record. Maybe I should guest spot on these "good" movie blogs. Rachel? Dylan? Mad Hatter (like he'll read this)? You guys need a second writer?)

Top Five Favorite Movies I Discovered This Year
5. Popcorn
4. Dead Snow
3. [REC]
2. Trick R'Treat
1. Undefeatable

Top Ten Worst Movies I Reviewed in 2010
10. BTK Killer
9. Flu Birds
8. Survival of the Dead
7. Search For The Beast
6. Stuff Stephanie In The Incinerator

To Be Continued...


Nick said...

Oh, sure... I see how it is. I'm not one of those "good" review blogs. Fine then!

Jason Soto said...

To be fair, Nick, you and I have similar tastes in movies. The ones I mentioned, on the other hand, if I recommend watching, say, "Death Bed" or anything by Uwe Boll, they'll put a restraining order on me and enter the Witness Protection Program.

So nothing person, Nick. :P

Nick said...

True, true...

And I still do wanna see Death Bed.

G. William Szany said...

Ok... since it's to be continued, I'm gonna assume the movie that I thought for sure would be on one of these lists will indeed still make it.

Fletch said...

I knew right when I read about that guest spot stuff that Nick would be on here commenting about he wasn't mentioned. LOL. But your explanation makes sense.

You wanna guest spot - it's yours! Do you mean you wanna write about bad flicks on our sites, or write about some of the good flicks while infusing the sites with more "fucking" in the reviews? I'm assuming the latter.

"Let Me In-I have not seen the original and from what it sounds like, the remake is much better."

Who in the hell led you to believe the remake is better at all, much less "much better." You've been misled. The remake is faithful and well done, but it sure as shit ain't better. At best, it's 90% of the original, which is outstanding as far as remakes go, but that's as high as I'd go.

Your first three paragraphs are exactly why I love that you did a best of 2010 post "like every single blog."

Jason Soto said...

Dylan-I meant writing about good movies but said with my usual charm and awesome grip of the English language. Kinda like when I wrote about "The Shining". In other words, whenever I see a movie in theaters, I'll write something and send it your way.

And I've heard from a bunch of people that said "Let Me In" was better. Something to do with in the original, they focused more on the neighbors which wasn't important to the plot at all. I still need to see it for myself.

And thanks for being a fan!

Anonymous said...

Hum. Well, some of these movies are good. But Hot Tub Time Machine is definitely the kind of trashy junk I expect to read about on this blog. Worst film of the year, for sure.

I was tempted to see Cop Out but I never got around to it. Laughed my ass off when I saw the trailer.

O yea, and your Kill Bill/Harry Potter analogy is clearly flawed as Vol. 2 of Kill Bill took on a more traditional narrative structure while Vol. 1 was just a bunch of dudes getting turned into bloody stubs for like two hours. Completely separate movies.

And Let me In is better than Let the Right one In by the virtue of not having sucky subplots and poorly CGIed cats.

Jason Soto said...

James-I almost feel offended when you say "it's the kind of trashy junk you expect to read here." I'm hurt. Hot Tub Time Machine is a legitimately good movie. Dammit!

And I wasn't saying Harry Potter and Kill Bill were exactly the same. I just meant since both films were split up, Part 1 is only part of the story, which is the same as Kill Bill. I rather watch all of Harry Potter to get the complete story to see how they handle the end. (I read the book some time ago.)