Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Jason Made A Video #12

So to quickly discuss the most obvious edit, the "It's Always Sunny" part was about 4 minutes long, but the video was kinda long at that point, so I cut out the part where I talked about my favorite episodes from each season. Just watch every episode, it's great.



Nick said...

lol! Loved the beginning! I should have known it was Cokie! Bastard...

The "Lysol" and "Target" bits made me laugh since you set them up well.

And I just *knew* you were gonna do the Bed Intruder joke after you brought in Linkin Park.

Jason Soto said...

Yeah, I wondered how you would respond to the beginning. I figured you'd either love it or hate it.

The whole "sell out" thing kinda came to me at the last minute cause I was gonna mention Mucinex. It just kinda took off from there.

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife.