Thursday, June 24, 2010

LAMBCast 27: Doing O.P.P (Other People's Podcasts)

So I'm gonna tell you my side of what happened behind the scenes and during the recording of this episode of the LAMBcast. Then I want you to listen to it and find out why it's possibly my favorite episode yet.

So a few days before, Dylan/Fletch sends an email saying "I have an idea for a secret topic on the LAMBcast. If you want to join in, say so." I was curious so I said I was in only to see what the secret was. He told me that the episode was going to pay tribute to the five podcasts that were nominated for Best Podcast by doing a segment they do on their show or something. He gave detailed descriptions and what was gonna go down. I said "Sure, why not?"

Problem: The only podcast out of the bunch I ever listened to was "The Demented Encyclopedia". So I looked at the list and what Dylan wanted me to do and the only two I listened to were Film Cynics because "we had to talk like they talk" which I guess was radio-like and this guy name Univarn.

Listening to Univarn I discovered the following things:
1. He does a podcast by himself.
2. He talks to himself...a lot!
3. He likes sounding like farm animals
4. He tends to talk in a stream of consciencness so the episode I listened to he talked about walls and his squeaky chair and other stuff I don't remember.

So I had to do an imitation on this guy, while being movie related. So I quickly came up with a top three list of depressing movies to watch before killing yourself. Why not?

Besides the first segment where we had to answer five questions, I was pretty lost. I watched the wrong trailer (Why are there so many movies called "Bagman"?), apparently Simon and Jo talk 900 words per minute in vague English accents, and the Film Cynics are on the radio except...not? I dunno.

So anyway. That's things from my point of view. I hope you enjoy this episode. I really think it turned out awesome and extra bonus points to Dylan for an awesome editing job. (Speaking of, some things I said seemed to be edited out. I remember making a Joy Division reference that I didn't hear and I think I said "fuckin'" during the non-radio radio moment.) With that said, enjoy!



simoncolumb said...

"with vague english accents" ... well, I can only blame myself for the talking-too-fast, but alas, cosidering we have been brought up in England, it shouldn't be classed as 'Vague'. Good effort though on your part Jason! twas a really nice suprised to be 'spoofed'


Fletch said...

Hey, I did not edit out your fucking "fucking" during The Film Cynics segment. Thought about adding a bleep, but I was tired from too much editing and wanted it to be over with.

Simon, please know that I did not encourage anyone (even myself, as I slipped into an awful one at one point) to attempt English accents (again). And clearly, we can not and do not have the chemistry that you and Jo do (though you do have the advantage of seeing each other while talking).

Anyway, like Jason, this was probably my favorite time recording. We laughed a ton (plenty on-air as well) and hopefully, the podcasters we paid homage to had fun with it as well.