Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer of '90's: 1991: Link to Point Break

So awhile ago, I was boiled into controversy when the LAMB decided to honor Former Mrs. James Cameron as a director. I forget her name now. Kathy something. Anyway. Turns out she directed a film called "Point Break", a film that I'm suppose to like. I watched it and I was pretty much let down cause it wasn't balls to the wall crazy like I was expecting. I posted my review and went on with my life.

Then out of nowhere, I got comments and emails from people asking me what my problem was and why I didn't like this masterpiece. And...I felt kinda bad. I apparently slammed the best movie of the 90's. EVER! And people took offense. So now that the dust settled and I have been forgiven, I'll give my second opinion here.

Thinking back on it, maybe it wasn't THAT bad. It does have Keanu Reeves. AND Gary Busey. AANNDD Patrick Swayze. I think I just felt the movie was a big long and there was too much set up. I mean, I knew Patrick Swayze's gang was the robbers from the start so why belabor the point so much? Just say it right away.

But anyway. There are some good lines, the action is pretty decent, and it's always good seeing Gary Busey play a GOOD crazy guy. Just for the record, I'll add a star to my original rating. With that said, here is my review for "Point Break".

Enjoy and see you in 1992.


Fletch said...

You still suck.


Seriously, though, when you watch this for the 12th time, you'll thank me.

Oh, and BTW, I like the new design here. Snazzy and shit.

Jason Soto said...

Thanks Fletch. For saying I suck and for liking the new design. I'm probably gonna resize the banner but we'll see.

And I'll it again a bit later. Let me get through other 90's crap first.