Sunday, June 20, 2010

Work Them Polls, Girls!

I'm gonna put up a poll to see what popular opinion there is of this subject. I guess that's the actual definition of a poll but whatever.

So the question is: Would you like to see a FaceBook page dedicated solely for The Lair of the Unwanted?

We want to make the show as interactive as possible, which is why we set up a email address but no one seems to want to send in an email. So maybe if we did it through FaceBook it'd garner some interest? Plus maybe it'll tell how many people actually listen to the damn show besides me, Nolahn, Travis, and Bubba from the Terre Haute Prison. So I'll keep the poll up for a couple of weeks and close it before we record the July episode and if enough people say yes (or some variation of yes), then I'll create one.

Cool? Cool.

1 comment:

xTJMac510x said...

I think a page would be a great idea. It would definitely get your guys' name out more.

that and it might help a certain someone remember the date they are recording their guest spot on the show...cough...