Monday, April 19, 2010

1-2 Freddy's Coming For You!!! (And Other Stuff)

Looks like's Freddy's tryin' to start some shit in that pic, doesn't it? "Yeah, I'm Freddy Krueger! You got a problem with that? Bitch!" It's part of the reason I chose it.

Anyway, yes, starting on Thursday and working my way through the series, I will be watching and reviewing each film in the "Nightmare" series, leading up to the remake, which will be hitting theaters April 30th. It should be a fun time by all.

Since this intro post was short, I thought I'd share it with some other news. Such as:
-Transformers 2 review is coming. It's, ugh, taking me awhile.
-An actual full review for The Site is coming Wednesday. I'm excited.
-Crispin Glover is coming to Indianapolis on Saturday and I have the chance to get tickets to see him but he's doing his whole artsy thing and I dunno if I'd get him to sign my copy of Friday the 13th Part 4. I'm very close to doing it.
-I'm gonna do something super crazy on my 30th birthday. Stay tuned.
-The Soto List will be coming soon. I'm tying it in with something else. So hurray for that.
-When I did my last list about top ten songs, I totally blanked and forgot about U2's "One", seriously one of my favorite songs. So to please everyone, I'll take Limp Bizkit out, move numbers 7-2 back a spot, and put U2 "One" in the number 2 spot. There.

Anyway, I'm done.

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