Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Soto List: Netflix Edition

Like any movie geek worth his weight in salt (the hell does that mean?), I have a Netflix account. About half of the movies I reviewed I got from Netflix (49% I own or were given, 1% people sent to me saying "Oh, you'll love this HAHAHA!" I'm looking at you, Flint Martini and Kevin Kangas!).

So it's without reason to assume that Netflix would have EVERY MOVIE IN EXISTANCE, right? WRONG! Apparently, for whatever reason, Netflix either USE to have the movie, or don't even have an entry for it. This upsets me. So here is my Top 5 Movies I Wish Netflix Would Hurry The Hell Up and Make Available So I Can Watch Them! (See Why I stop putting the titles of the lists in the heading?)

5. Skyscraper-Just watch this:

And that's what was cut out. Imagine what was left in. I know, right?

4. What Is It?-This trailer is totally NOT SAFE FOR WORK. But if you read my site/blog from work, you have problems anyway:

So yeah. It's that kind of movie. Why wouldn't I watch it? I just wanna say that I did.

3. The Poughkeepsie Tapes- What if The Blair Witch or "whatever" from "Paranormal Activity" was real and they were the one holding the video tapes? Good question.

It's probably stupid as hell but you gotta admit, that trailer kinda gets you going.

2. All The Boys Love Mandy Lane- This one I heard about for awhile now. It sounds pretty damn interesting.

I also love it when movies have like horrible things happen but they play non-scary music to it. Good example is the ear cutting scene in "Reservior Dogs". Love it.

1. Anus Magillicutty- this. (Yeah, not safe for work, don't read my shit at work):

I mean...look at that. LOOK AT THAT!!! It's called "ANUS MAGILLICUTTY"! It's...THAT! I

Well, that's it. If anybody DOES have copies of any of these movies, that'd be awesome. Otherwise, we should petition Netflix to get off their asses and do something.

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dave_or_did said...

It doesn't have Mandy Lane?! That's crazy, you can buy it in every DVD shop in the country (in the UK at least). I think I saw it in my local grocery store for £3 last week!