Thursday, April 22, 2010

Freddy's Coming For You! Day 1: A Nightmare on Elm Street

Wow, this blog-a-thon just happened to kick off the same time the LAMMY's are starting. AND there happens to be a category for "Best Blog-A-Thon". Hmmm... (VOTEJASON)

Anyway, we start off this blog-a-thon with a classic movie. So classic that everybody's seen it. Hell, my grandmother's seen it. And if you haven't seen it, then you just been pwned by a 80-year-old Mexican lady.

Since it's a classic, I won't do a typical straight up review. Instead I'll be sharing thoughts and stories about the movie.

Like the first time I seen it. I was 6-years-old. I was living with my grandparents (oddly enough, NOT the 80-year-old Mexican lady) and my uncle, who was about 13 or 14 at the time. This movie came on cable and I was allowed to stay up to watch it. Needless to say it freaked me the fuck out. That night, I went to bed and my uncle, being a 14-year-old uncle, thought it'd be funny if he suddenly ran into the room with a green sweater, and knives taped to his fingers and talking in a Freddy voice. HAHAHA motherfucker. Ha. Ha.

The part that freaked me out the most had to be about 25 minutes in when Nancy falls asleep in class and she starts seeing her dead friend Tina being dragged in the body bag. Ugh, that scene gives me shivers to this day.

With that said, here's some thing I just noticed watching it this last time:
-The mom is kind of weird. I don't wanna say she's a bad actress but she just talked and acted weird throughout the whole movie. Even at the end when "everything is gonna be alright" (rock-a-bye) she acts REALLY weird.

I couldn't find the scene exactly, so here's an alternate ending, featuring the Mom acting weird.

-I forget how weird it was that Nancy came up with what I call "Home Alone" style traps to capture Freddy. And I love how the ONE book she read told her how to hang a sledgehammer over a door, and put gunpowder into a lightbulb and when the light turns on, it'll explode.

-I always thought John Saxon was awesome but he doesn't really do anything in this movie. He stands around, yells at Rod cause he thinks he murdered Tina, yells at Nancy's Mom, says "ok baby" to Nancy, and get grossed out at Johnny Depp's death scene. And did he finally believe Nancy? I dunno.

-How weird it is to see "introducing Johnny Depp" on the screen. I wonder what became of that guy...

-I still think it's cool that I got to see the house used for this movie in person. It's apparently just a random house on a random street in L.A. My friend Adam was showing us around and he didn't tell us what we were looking for. Then he pulls up and goes "Know what that is?" As I'm studying it, my fiancee goes "The Nightmare on Elm Street house!!" And sure enough, it was. Awesome.

Regardless of all of that, I still love this movie and it'll always be a classic to me. I was upset to learn about the remake but I'm also excited by it. I love this movie cause it moves at a great pace. There's no super long exposition, no pointless scenes, and only 2 or 3 fake scares. I bet the remake is gonna take like 30 minutes introducing Freddy, then there'll be teenagers doing annoying 2010 teenager stuff (Justin Bieber references anyone?), and a billion jump scares before getting to Freddy and nightmare stuff won't happen until the 45 minute mark. But this movie, it fuckin' happened right away and it keeps on happening. And that's what I love about "A Nightmare on Elm Street".


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Wings said...

I need to rewatch this. Last time I watched was when it was rereleased in theaters for a day or two a couple of years ago.