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Freddy's Coming For You: Nightmare on Elm St. Part 4: Dream Master

I was pretty much in a drunken stupor when I wrote last night's review, so if it didn't make any sense, or wasn't even good, that's why. I know a lot of people who can write BETTER drunk than sober but I'm the opposite. Go figure.

Anyway, Part 4. A lot of people don't like it. I can see why. I didn't hate it, I just thought it was kinda weird. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

It starts with Kristin from Part 3, but NOT played by Patricia Arquette. Why, I don't know. Anyway, Kristin is walking around the Elm Street house looking for Freddy when she calls in the other surviving kids from Part 3, Kincade (The loud angry one) and Joey (The quiet one). They're pissed that Kristin called them into her dream for no reason cause Freddy's Dead! (Not yet, we got two more movies till that happens).

Proving that dogs do dream, Kincade's dog appears and bites Kristin, waking her up. I'll get to the dog in a minute. So Kristin is out of the institution and back into real life and is going to school. She's dating Rick and is friends with Rick's sister Alice. Now Alice was one of the few things I remembered about this series from when I watched these sequels as a kid. I kinda like Alice. Even if she doesn't live here anymore.

Everyone is pissed at Kristin for bring up Freddy over and over. They don't wanna come out and say she's crazy (probably a touchy subject) but are just tired of hearing about it. Kincade falls asleep and soon hears his dog come in. His dog's name? I'm not kidding you: Jason.

You know, the name Jason has been used for everything from assholes to crazy guys to douchebags, and even serial killers. I never heard the name used as a dog before. But I'm sure "there's a reason for it", nod nod wink wink say no more.

Anyway, Kincade finds himself in the junkyard Freddy was buried at and for no real reason, he simply comes back to life. That's it. No lighting storms, no radioactivity, nothing. Just pops up from the ground and says "I'm back". Kind of unimaginable. Anyway, he kills Kincade and is after Joey and Kristin next.

Joey is in his room, watching MTV. Ahh old school MTV. How I miss thee. Joey, because he's horny all the time apparently, notices one of his pin up girls is now off the poster and under his waterbed. By that I mean IN the waterbed. Joey tries to claw his way into the bed but Freddy appears and drowns Joey. That's two down.

Kristin goes to school, freaked out that Kincade and Joey haven't shown up yet. Turns out her feelings were right: they're dead. Kristin freaks and we slowly dive into Alice's family problem.

Alice's mom died and now it's just her, Rick (the brother), and Dad, who's an asshole drunk. Alice seems to daydream (uh oh) a lot, some which include violently beating her dad. Alice also works at a diner. HEY! (Ok, Ok I won't make the obvious joke.)

Kristin tells Alice, Rick, and Dan (A guy Alice has a crush on) about Freddy until her Mom, who's still a bitch, shows up and takes her home. There, Mom slips Kristin some sleeping pills and she falls asleep. She tries to have a good dream and she finds herself on a beach. But soon a Freddy shark appears. Seriously. Freddy appears in normal form, sporting some cool shades, and shoves Kristin into a sandtrap.

Kristin doesn't die, instead she falls into the Elm Street house (I can't call it Freddy's house cause it's really Nancy's house. Why everyone started calling it Freddy's house is a mystery) and accidently calls Alice into the dream. Kristin realizes this is a mistake and before killing her, Freddy is happy to meet Alice. Kristin gives Alice her "bring people into dreams" power and Alice wakes up.

She and Rick go to Kristin's house where she's on fire. (Whoa oh oh oh she's on fire.) Now it gets serious and Alice, Rick, Debbie (I swear she's the slutty chick from Part 2), and Shelia the hot nerdy chick all stay awake. Shelia says she only did so to study for an exam. She also invented some device that'll scare bugs away since Debbie is afraid of bugs (besides the ones she's got crawling in her pubes, OH SNAP!)

During the exam, Alice and Shelia fall asleep and Freddy appears. He literally sucks the life out of Shelia, until she's deflated like a blow up doll...not that I know how those things look like if you fuck em too hard...I'm gonna stop this sentence here.

Shelia's dead and Alice wakes up to find it was her fault this happened. Next up is Rick, who falls asleep on the toilet of all places. He has a weird dream of cheerleaders running into the stall he's in, then the stall turning into an elevator. Since Rick studied martial arts, he finds himself squaring off against Freddy. It's kind of a good battle but the glove comes alive and kills Rick.

With Rick's death, Alice finds out that she's slowly taking all of the dead kid's power so now she knows how to do martial arts nerdy. Ok. Alice decides enough is enough and asks Dan and Debbie to meet her at the diner to get rid of Freddy once and for all.

But Alice's dad won't let her leave so she has to sneak out. She finds that Dan isn't there so she decides to take in a movie. That movie: Reefer Madness. Nice. But the movie changes to a run down diner and soon the movie sucks Alice into the screen. After finding an old version of herself, Freddy shows up and eats a sausage with the likeness of Rick on it. Freddy tells Alice he's after Debbie next and she wakes up.

Alice sneaks out of the house and this time finds Dan sitting outside the dinner. She tells Dan they have to get to Debbie's before Freddy kills her. Too late. Freddy is there and as Debbie is lifting weights, this causes her arms to snap off.

Alice sneaks out of the house and this time finds Dan sitting outside the dinner. She tells Dan they have to get to Debbie's before Freddy kills her. Soon, the snapped off limbs turn into bug arms.

Alice sneaks out of the house and this time finds Dan sitting outside the dinner. She tells Dan they have to get to Debbie's before Freddy kills her. Before you know it, Debbie now looks like a bug.

Alice sneaks out of the house and this time finds Dan sitting outside the dinner. She tells Dan they have to get to Debbie's before Freddy kills her...ok. I am repeating this for a reason. The part of Alice getting into Dan's truck repeats four times cause Freddy's putting them in a loop so they can't save Debbie. I say it worked. And this whole bug sequence is pretty fucked up.

On the way to Debbie's house the last time, they smash into a tree and Dan is hurt. They're rushed to the hospital, where they need to operate on Dan. Knowing he's gonna go under, Alice has to rush home and go to sleep to call Dan and save him from Freddy.

Before that, there's a suiting up sequence where Alice wears all these things that belonged to all the people that died: Rick's headband, Debbie's punk bracelet, Shelia's bug scare-er thing and Kristin's....power I guess. Soon, she's asleep and she and Dan meet up in an old church. Freddy shows up and slashes Dan. The hospital staff sees this and wakes him up, causing him to vanish from the dream. So now it's Alice and Freddy.

And it's fuckin' weird.

Alice plugs the bug scare-er thing into an outlet and it lets out some colored lighting, which almost works but Freddy fixes himself. Then Alice remembers this nursery rhyme about the Dream Master and if evil looks at himself, he'll be defeated. So she grabs a mirror and he looks at himself.

Soon, all the souls that Freddy have taken start revolting and start coming out of his body. This happens until he explodes. ....ok then.

So everything is done and everything is ok. Alice and (Ass) Dan are together and she thinks she saw a reflection of Freddy in the town water fountain. Hmmm....

Well, that's Part 4. I didn't think it was bad. Part 2 is still the worst film so far. This movie was just a bit weird and kinda like "Let's just have stuff happen for no reason" but I enjoyed it. I like Alice and I know she returns in Part 5, one I remember not liking when I was a kid, so we'll see how that goes.


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Emily said...

Debbie's death scene is one of my all-time favorites. In a lot of ways, this is towards the bottom of the NoES series pile, but I dig the kills and like some of the visuals. Part 2 is always interesting to me for the homosexual vibe and 4 kind of starts the decline, but I still find this one to be extremely watchable for a mindless good time.