Saturday, April 24, 2010

Freddy's Coming For You! Day 3: Nightmare on Elm St. 3: Dream Warriors

This was way better than Part 2, but not as good as part 1. That or it could be the booze talking. Nah, that's definately how I feel. And Heather Lagenkamp is back. I wonder how they managed that. Did they show her the last movie and be like "without you, we get THIS!!"

And something else worthwhile to note: This movie was written by FOUR dudes. One Wes Craven and one Frank Durabont. Durabont, if you don't know, directed "The Shawshank Redemption" and "The Mist". I'm surprised he was given writing duties on this. If only he helped write the second movie.

So we begin with Kristin, played by Patrica Arquette, in her room, jamming to some Dokken (more on them in a bit) when her Mom comes home. Mom puts Kristin to bed and soon she falls asleep. In her dream, she finds herself in Nancy's Elm street house, now abandoned and haunted and shit, she roams around, looking for a little girl she found. She finds her in the boiler room and Kristin snatches her up and starts running. The girl turns into a skeleton and Kristin finds herself in her room again.

Kristin goes to the bathroom and there the faucets turn into Freddy fingers and and start slicing her. Kristin's Mom, who's a bitch by the way, walks in to find Kristin holding a razor and a sliced arm. So it looks like she tried to killed herself, so Kristin is sent to a institution.

At this institution, are other teenagers with varying degrees of problems. The one thing they all have in common? They don't wanna fall asleep cause bad things happen to them. We meet Dr. Gordon (the one from the "Saw" series?) and he's the one in charge of the kids. And because he's an authority figure, he doesn't believe the kids.

And hey look, it's Lawrence "Larry" Fishburn, as an orderly. Awesome.

Gordon is told by other doctors that some new doctor is coming to the hospital. Any guesses who it is? We find out while Kristin is being administrated into the hospital: It's Nancy! Nancy believes everyone (of course) and starts therapy for all the kids.

We meet all the kids but I'll be damned if I remember their names. I know one kid likes marionettes, another kid's in a wheelchair, a chick wants to be an actress (on TV!), one chick use to do heroin, one kid can't talk, and one kid is just angry all the damned time. I think his name is Thrope.

Anyway, one night marionette kid falls asleep and Freddy appears. He cuts open the kids arm and legs and uses veins as strings to make him walk up a tower and then fall down the tower. This bums everyone out.

Doc Gordon learns of a experimental drug called hypnocil and thinks about giving it to the kids. Kristin falls asleep and dreams that a giant snake-Freddy is eating her. She calls out for Nancy and she appears. Nancy helps her out of snake-Freddy's mouth and soon both wake up. We learn that Kristin has the power to bring in other people to her dreams. How convienient.

The TV chick wants to stay up to watch TV and Larry Fishburn lets her. She falls asleep and dreams about watching Dick Cavett interview Zsa Zsa Gabor. Dick turns into Freddy and kills Zsa Zsa. Then Freddy turns into the TV and kills the chick. Realizing something has to be done, Nancy asks Kristin to do her trick with a whole group. Gordon puts everybody to sleep and before you know it, everyone is sharing the same dream.

As a result of this, everyone learns what they can do only in their dreams. Wheelchair kid can walk, angry kid is strong, Kristin can do summersaults, it's stuff that'll kinda show up later. Anyway, the quiet kid who's in love with this nurse, spots her and she motions for him to follow her. She does and we get our first set of tits in a Freddy movie (believe it or not...and kinda. Nancy KINDA shows them in the first movie but it happens too fast). The nurse, of course, turns to Freddy and we learn he's obsessed with tongues cause for the third time in this series, a giant tongue is displayed. Then the tongues come loose and tie the quiet kid to the bed.

The bitchy doctor wakes everyone up but quiet kid is still passed out. We learn he's in a coma cause Freddy's keeping him asleep. Why he doesn't just kill him is anyone's guess. The head of the institute fires Gordon and Nancy and locks Kristin up cause she goes psycho. So it's up to Nancy and Gordon to save Kristin before she falls asleep and save quiet kid from Freddy.

Throughout the movie, Gordon's been visited by this creepy nun, who tells him he has to find Freddy's remains and pour holy water on them, thus killing Freddy FOREVER. The only person that knows where Freddy's remains are: John Saxon! Nancy and Gordon ask him where the remains are and John Saxon is a drunk mess. He's no longer a cop (dunno what happened) and he's not too forthcoming with the information.

Gordon gets a call to hurry up and get to the hospital to save Kristin. Nancy agrees to go help her and quiet kid if Gordon can get John Saxon to talk. Somehow he does and he shows him where he put Freddy's remains.

Nancy shows up and puts everyone to sleep and they show up in the room Kristin is locked in. Soon, they find themselves in the Elm Street house. All the kids get seperated so Freddy can kill them one by one. He kills Wheelchair kid first because he thinks he's a Dungeons and Dragon's master, and Freddy hates that. Freddy kills the heroin chick next by turing his fingers into needles. This scene freaked me out.

Soon, Kristin, Nancy, and Strong Kid (Who's dressed all weird for some dumb reason) find quiet kid tied up. Nancy saves him and now they have to get out.

Back in the real world, John Saxon takes Gordon to a junkyard where he put Freddy's remains. They dig a hole to bury Freddy when Freddy leaves the dream world to possess his bones and kill John Saxon. He only knocks out Gordon. Freddy returns and the quiet kid reveals his dream power: he can talk. That's it. His talking shatters mirrors (no wonder he stayed quiet) and they think this killed Freddy for some reason. John Saxon returns as a ghost to say goodbye to Nancy but oops, Ghost John Saxon is actually Freddy and he killed Nancy. Well it took only two movies. Michael Meyers? 9. Go figure.

Gordon was knocked out by Boney Freddy but he wakes up to throw the bones into the grave and pour holy water on them. This causes Dream Freddy to get holes in him until he explodes. With that done, we flash to the funeral for Nancy and Gordon seens the Nun. He follows her until he finds the Nun's grave. It's revealed that the Nun...was Freddy's Mom! GASP!! The Nun tells Gordon the story of how Freddy was concieved. His Mom, Amanda, was a nurse at the hospital. She got locked into a special wing of the hospital where all the SUPER crazy people were held. For an entire weekend she was raped countless times and at the end of it, she was pregnant with Freddy. Well, that explains that.

Like I said, this movie isn't the first one but thankfully it isn't the second one either. I quite liked this movie, even if it was a bit silly. I say pretend Part 2 doesn't exist and just skip over to this one.

And finally, my podcastin' buddy Nolahn said I had to talk about the Dokken video for the title song "Dream Warriors": They inserted themselves into the beginning, and one scene in the middle, of the movie, then they filmed some extra stuff with Robert Englund and Patricia Arquette. The song is ok I guess. Kinda weird they got to do a song for this movie though.



nolahn said...

"The song is ok I guess. Kinda weird they got to do a song for this movie though."

Kinda weirdly AWESOME, you mean! I love how at the end, Dokken defeats Freddy with the power of glam rock.

Fred [The Wolf] said...

This one is my favorite in the franchise. Just awesome all around. It takes what the first one did and raises the volume in every aspect. The first one is a classic, but Dream Warriors owns my heart.

And that Dokken song kicks ass. In fact, Dokken kicks ass period.

Dan Stephens said...

This is definitely my favourite of the sequels before we get to New Nightmare.