Friday, January 29, 2010

Home Fest '10: Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever

After this movie (and Travis) winning five weeks in a row in the Cage Match, I had to see for myself. And here's what I have to say in my Copyrighted Dash Style!

-It was a bit too hyped up for me. I didn't think it was the worst movie in the world.
-I do acknowledge it is a pretty bad cheesy action film but here's the thing about me: I LOVE bad cheesy action films!
-I'd view this more as a guilty pleasure.
-I love how Antonio Bandaras wore a suit throughout the movie, even while he was being transfered to prison. AND HE WAS THE ONLY PRISONER ON THE BUS!
-It had Curtis Manning from "24" in it, along with Ray Parks.
-A lot of the explosions were just there just to be there. We should check to see if Michael Bay really directed it.
-Speaking of director, it was directed by Kaos, so what did you expect?

With all that said and done, I can see why people wouldn't like it but I thought it was good mind numbing flick. The ending did take a bit too long. I was like "Kill the bad dudes already, Antonio and Lucy. Sheesh."

Oh and there's no way this movie is worse than "Transformers 2". I think Maria was robbed that week. No offense, Travis.

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xTJMac510x said...

you know what I really don't care. At this point I'm glad I won but I have other movies I KNOOOOWWWW are MUUUUCCCCHHHHHH worse than Ballistic. I hated it with a passion but that's just my and 5 weeks worth of voters opinion