Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Top Ten BEST B/Bad Movies of the Decade

Now that I got my WORST Bad Movies of the Decade out, let's focus on some of my favorites. These movies are still bad in some sense but I got some enjoyment out of them and would definately watch them over and over again. And away we go.

10. Tamara
The Reason: I should hate it but dammit I cannot. Merely for the scene of Tamara, a witch chick who returns from the dead a hot chick, decides to get revenge on two guys BY HAVING THEM FUCK EACH OTHER! Name another movie where THAT happens. (Besides gay porn obviously)
9. Evil Bong
The Reason: It's called "Evil Bong"! It's about a living bong trapping pot heads and the only person to save them: Fuckin' Tommy Chong!
8. Lost Skeleton of Cadavra
The Reason: A lot of people don't like this movie and I'll admit some parts annoy me, but overall this is a fun movie with it's throwback to 1950's sci fi films. The dialouge is great and the dinner scene is the funniest thing I've seen in awhile.
7. The Gingerdead Man
The Reason: Again, it's called "The GingerDEAD Man". They cast Gary Busey to VOICE a Gingerbread Man coming to life and killing people using cooking ingredients. And let's not forget the one liners.
6. Ginger Snaps
The Reason: I was suprirsed by this movie. I'll admit I like it cause it features a hot chick and the plot is the day she gets her first period she turns into a werewolf and starts eating students and teachers.
5. Slither
The Reason: When I first saw it I wasn't impressed, but upon repeated viewings, I love it more. Everything from the main guy's attitude to Michael Rooker being a complete asshole just works.
4. Santa's Slay
The Reason: Oh god this movie is fuckin' fun as hell. You have to watch this in a group and it don't even have to be Christmas.
3. Feast
The Reason: Another fun movie. It takes the horror genre and spins it on it's head. The best part has to be the title cards for each character. And the cast including Henry Rollins, Jason Mewes (Playing himself), and that Judah guy from "30 Rock".
2. Snakes on a Plane
The Reason: If you been following me and this Blog/Site since the beginning you know I was all over this fucking movie. Sam Jackson. Snakes. Plane. That line. That line edited for TV. Seriously, what's not to fuckin' love?
1. The Room
The Reason: Yes this movie is awful in a bad way but how many HORRIBLE movies can you think of that you want as many people as you can think of to see it? This is probably what it was like to be around when "Plan 9 From Outer Space" came out. I'm dead serious when I say you NEED to see this movie.

Ok, I'm all listed out. I could do another list of my favorite movies I watched in the past decade but that's probably going to far. Got neat stuff coming up for 2010, including the podcast, more guest reviews, and yes even regular reviews.

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Fletch said...

I must see Evil Bong. Sounds hilarious.