Saturday, April 19, 2008

#1: Feast

I remember watching two episodes of the third season of "Project Greenlight", the first episode and one somewhere in the middle. The one in the middle was about a big controversy over casting. The director is John Gulager, who's father is famed veteran actor Clu Gulagar. John casted his father as the Bartender, and got John's wife to be a minor character. The rest of the actors in the movie were all up in arms over this and thought it shoulda went to people NOT related to the director. I guess what they don't realize is Hollywood does this thing all the time.

But whatever. "Feast" is a kickass movie. It's about a family of monsters attacking a bar in the desert somewhere and one by one the patrons of the bar get killed. It features that dude with the hats from "30 Rock", Jason "Jay" Mewes, and Henry Rollin as a motivional speaker. There are some hot chicks but we don't see any tits. I guess Ben Affleck is a prude.

The best scenes:
-When the characters are introduced and the screen freezes and we get a little bio and life expentancy, which always seem to lie.
-Any scene where a character gets killed or eaten cause it's just pure chaos
-When they trapped one of the monsters "Nards" in a doorframe and the new heroine chick chops it off.
-The fake out "fake out" ending.
-The fact that I recognized more then half the cast but reading other reviews, people didn't seem to mention them at all.
-Finally, the fact that the dude named "Hero" gets chomped within 5 minutes of his introduction.

Definately check this out, it's a great time. And don't let the whole "Produced by Ben Affleck" thing scare you. You won't even think about it. Trust me.


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