Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Supernatural: Bloody Mary & Skin

To update you on what I'm doing with these episodes. My friend Bill loaned me the Season 1 set a long ass time ago and I only got to the first disc. So while planning this month, I decided to finally get to the rest of the episodes since it fits in. And since I watched the first disc, I'll bring you up to speed.

Sam and Dean Winchester lost their mother to some fire demon thingy when they were kids. So their dad decided to become a ghost hunter to look into what the hell it was. He bought Sam and Dean into it, but Sam went off on his own and went to college. Now, their dad has gone missing and Dean gets Sam's help to find him. After solving the mystery of a ghost girl who hitch hikes on a bridge, then kills the driver, Sam's girlfriend is also killed by a fire demon thingy. This causes Sam to join up with Dean to not only find their father but to hunt down ghosts, hoping it'll get them close to finding this fire demon thingy.

That's the basic outline of the show. The other three episodes on disc 1 had them fighting some weird monster thing that lived deep in the woods somewhere that was similar to a werewolf but wasn't. Then they fought an actual demon from hell that possessed people on airplanes and caused the plane to crash, killing everyone. This was freaky cause they had to do an actual exorcism. And then there was this little boy who died and the kids that killed him grew up and had family's and now the ghost of the kid is killing his killer's kids one by one.

That's it. Onto disc 2. First episode is "Bloody Mary" and it's about...well you know. But this one says the Mary was a woman who was killed by her lover in front of a mirror, so she possesses a mirror and anytime anyone with a deep secret that involves a death says "the words" three times, she pays them a visit and makes their eyeballs explode. Turns out Sam has a secret and uses himself to draw her out to finally stop her.

"Skin" is about a shapeshifter who turns into certain people and kills their loved ones, then when the actual person returns, they're blamed for the whole thing. This happened to one of Sam's friends, so they check it out. I'm willing to bet without even looking at the "jump the shark" website that people think this episode "jumped the shark" cause this episode had the shape shifter turn into Dean and Sam had to fight him, so it looks like Sam and Dean are fighting to the death. The ending's a bit odd, which I won't reveal, but whatever I guess.

And I won't be rating these cause so far every episode has been awesome and pretty freaky. Weird that so far the genuine scary thing (after "The Exorcist" anyway) is a TV show from the WB/CW.

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