Saturday, April 19, 2008

Supernatural: Scarecrow & Faith

"Scarecrow" is one of John Cougar Melloncamps best wait.

"Scarecrow" was a tad bit dissapointing to me cause the main bulk of the episode was about Sam & Dean's differences and how Sam wants to find their father while Dean is willing to just do whatever Dad tells them to do. After a fight, Sam decides to head to California to find Dad while Dean goes to Indiana to figure out why couples go missing the same time of year every year.

On the way, Sam meets a cute hitchhiker chick who likes Sam's "Screw the family" attitude. With Sam gone, Dean is on his own and he gets into a buttload of trouble. He figures out this town in Indiana sacrifices people to a pagan god, in the shape of a scarecrow (Minor "Jeepers Creepers" rip off here) and with each sacrifice, the towns crops and stuff is good for another year. Dean saves a family that was just about to get sacrificed so the town is forced to use him in the sacrifice. Since it needs to be a guy and a girl, a couple uses their neice for the sacrifice, who wasn't in on this whole deal.

Sam realizes Dean is in trouble so he rushes to help him, leaving hitchhiker girl behind. Sam arrives just in time to save Dean and Neice from the clutches of the Scarecrow, who took the Aunt and Uncle instead. Dean figured out that the scarecrow is being powered by a tree bought over from Europe, so they torch the thing and we're left to assume the town blew itself up.

How strange that I watched this episode right after "Population 436", both having to deal with small towns with deep secrets that involve murder. And I'm gonna be honest and mention that I'm not digging this whole storyline about the family n' stuff. Why do shows have to have a long arc that's boring? I just wanna see two dudes fight ghosts and demons and whatever else, is that so much to ask?

Well, this episode ends with hitchhiker chick hitchhiking and cutting up some creepy dude and using the blood to talk to "her father" who may or may not be Satan. We learn from this that, if this is Satan, he's talking The Winchesters.

"Faith" kinda brings it back out of the arc-y ness and has Dean zapped to hell. He finds out in the hospital that he has some serious heart thing and he's gonna die in 2 weeks. Sam is like "HELL NO! You're not leaving the show, Dude Who Plays Dean!" so he drags Dean to one of those faith healer guys that put their hands on people's heads and suddenly they're cured. When Dean mouths off, the faith healer picks him and lo and behold, Dean really is cured! His heart problem went away!

So after some investigating, cause Dean had a bad feeling, he found out that some dude died of a heart thing the same time he was healed, which means the faith healer is killing random people while saving certain people. Well, it appeared to be random, but Sam finds out that the people that die are deemed "immoral" and unworthy of living, so the faith healer has them killed.

And Dean finds out that the faith healer somehow got A reaper, not THE reaper, to do his dirty work. They look into that and find out that the healer does some spell that makes the reaper do whatever. Sam & Dean then figure out it's really the healer's wife doing all this cause she didn't want her husband to die, so she came up with this spell to save him and since then...uh...she just liked it? Well, probably wanted to get rid of these immoral people, so she kept using this power.

Sam eventually breaks the spell before the reaper can kill Dean, who was the new target, and the reaper gets revenge by killing the wife. The whole thing gets a tad bit depressing cause this one girl Layla, who has a brain tumor, was suppose to get healed next but since Sam zapped the power, she's gonna die now, which bugs Dean a whole lot but whatever, it's the end of the episode.

This one was a bit better out of the two I think. Like I said, the story arc thing kinda bugs me. My favorite episodes of "The X-Files" are ones where weird shit happens. I don't get into the ones about Mulder's family or government conspiricies or whatever. And with this, the first 3 discs are done. Three more to go! Woot!

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