Saturday, April 26, 2008

Day 26: Supernatural-Hell House & Something Wicked

While looking over at the forums at TWOP, I see that "Hell House" is a popular episode. I think I see why, it's probably the funniest so far out of Season 1. We got two lame "paranormal experts" named Speigler and Veitman who think they're all that. And we got a prank war brewing between Sam & Dean.

And the ghost is pretty cool. The Hell House was just a fake jokey scary thing thought up by some dude and his super hot ass cousin and they trick people into going into the house to do stuff and get the crap scared out of them. The two wannabe ghost hunters pick up on this and think Hell House is real and post all this stuff about the dude that use to live in the house. The ghost's identity and M.O keeps changing and Sam figures out why.

The ghost is just a collective idea bought to life. If enough people believe something is real, it will become real. And plus some weird Tibetan symbol is painted on the wall, which also bought it to life. So how do you kill an idea? And what about our two wannabes? I recommend checking this episode out to find out.

"Something Wicked" gets back on the serious train when a bunch of kids in a small town get sick all at the same time. After some investigating, they find out they're dealing with a witch-like being that sucks out the souls of childrens and uses them to live forever.

Dean tells us through a series of flashbacks that they all met one of these back in the day. One tried to suck out Sam's soul but Daddy showed up just in time to get rid of it, but not kill it. So Dean blames himself for all these kids getting soul sucked and feels he has to be the one to bring it down!

So with the help of a kid in the hotel they're staying in, they lure the witch thing, which disguised itself has a local doctor, who just happened to live for almost 200 years and Dean gets his revenge. After a "AWWWW!" ending, it's back to the road.

Yay! I only got 4 more episodes left of season 1. This time next week, Bill will be happily reunited with his Season 1 set. What he'll do with it...I rather not think about.

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