Sunday, April 27, 2008

Day 27: Supernatural-Provenance

So today's the day I'm gonna pick on the backstory stuff that goes on during this show cause this episode a typical "Ghost kills people, Sam & Dean stop them" thing, with a new twist which is Sam meets a super hot ass chick and he falls in love for the first time since his last girlfriend died a firey death" episode, which I'll get into, but first...

Ok in the first episode we see that The Winchester Mom died a firey death and Papa Winchester decides to devote his whole life to hunting the thing that killed her and ridding the world of evil spirits and demons. As we saw in "Something Wicked", he did in fact drag his kids around everywhere he went hunting these things.

We find out in this episode, when Sam makes it clear, they don't get paid to do this crap. are they making their money?

Yeah, we see Dean hustle his way through darts and pool and whatnot, but what about Poppa? Was he a hustler also? Did he somehow get paid to hunt ghosts? Or, the most realistic answer I can some up with, did Mom have a kickass life insurance policy, which meant The Winchesters were subjected to a bunch of investigations before it being declared an accident.

See I wonder cause we also know that Adult Sam did join up with Dean and Father until he got sick of the whole thing and wanted a normal life, so after a fight he stormed off and went off to college, while Dean and Dad continued hunting. And Dean drives some kind of classic car that I can't identify cause I'm not a car person (Supernatural Geeks, this is your time to shine), so how in the hell did they get the money to afford college (at a pretty fancy school) and a classic car? Plus hotels aren't cheap, but we also find out in "Something Wicked" Dean has a stash of stolen credit cards that somehow weren't reported stolen.

I could go the "Mystery Science Theater 3000" route and say it's just a show and I should relax, but all of this really does bother me. Maybe we'll get some more backstory in later seasons, like maybe The Winchesters are actually wealthy and Daddy owns like 4 major corporations or something and decides to hunt ghosts to keep himself occupied, kinda like Hart to Hart. ("This is Mr. W! He's swell!")

Ok, so "Provenance". They picked an odd title for this episode. A provenance, as explained in the episode, is a thing that shows the history of a painting, or any type of art thing. While it did have a role in this episode, I dunno why they chose it. I've would've picked "Razor'd" or something, since the ghost kills people with a straight razor.

The ghost haunts this creepy ass painting and any owner of the painting ends up murdered. Sam & Dean track it down and meet this super hot ass chick that runs this auction house. Sam, who minored in Art History in college (College: The Plot Device For Any TV Show & Movie Since 1920), shows off in front of hot chick.

Eventually they figure out the painting is haunted and try to burn it but it rescurrects itself. Then they find out the history of the family in the painting and learn the dad went nuts and killed everyone in the family. While they were investigating, the painting got sold to this boring woman who could probably play Mary Worth in a live action adaptation (I been reading a lot of The Comics Curmudgeon, in case you were wondering where THAT came from) and Mary gets killed.

Eventually Sam comes clean to hot chick about what they do and she accepts this and tags along for the rest of the episode, which was kind of neat. I hoped she would decide to give up her auctioning days and tag around, but Sam gets all emo and goes "no, any girl in this show is either evil or ends up dead" cause of me and pushes her away, which makes Sam a fucking idiot. I mean she's hot!

Anyway, hot chick encounters her first ghost, who turns out NOT to be the father but the ADOPTED daughter cause she's a crazy bitch, and Dean manages to burn her human remains in time before Sam's speech about women in his life dying comes true. And sadly, she doesn't come along for the ghostly road trip but waits there for Sam to finish his little ghost busting tour. The episode ends of Sam and hot chick making out.

That chick was hot. That's about all I gotta say.

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