Sunday, April 27, 2008

4 Days Left...

Man, what a month.

When I planned this, I thought "Fuck yeah! Everyday! A new movie! And "Supernatural"! No way will anything get in the way of me watching and posting every day!!

Well, not only did I not count on two family emergencies, I also forgot that I'm a lazy motherfucker. Like that whole thing last weekend where I was suppose to watch 24 hours of movies didn't go as planned. And now today it feels like I'm coming down with a cold or something. All I wanna do is just go back to bed but for various reasons I can't. Yet, I don't feel up to writing extensive reviews on the movies I had planned for today. It was either gonna be the compare and contrast of both "Hills Have Eyes" movies, or a review of the super shitty Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake.

However, I do feel bad for you readers (all 3 of you) which is why I been trying to at least tweak out a Supernatural review, especially since, like I mentioned last night, some of the shows fans made their way here from the TWOP forums (even though none of them answered my question about the episode "The Benders").

So here's what's gonna happen. There's 4 days left in the month, and four episodes left of Season 1 of "Supernatural" that I have to get through. So I'll probably just do one episode a day now. And I swear I'll do the last three movies I promised I'll get to. Sorry for flaking out on everyone, especially to those of you who look forward to my witty, sarcastic, curse-word laden, nudity pics-havin' reviews. I will get to the compare and contrast AND the shitty remake review in due time.

And I guess I'll mention this here since I'm doing a news update post. I plan on taking most, if not all of, the month of May off, since doing a post every day does wear a fellow out. Most likely the burn out will fade in the middle of the month and I'll try to get to all the stuff I missed.

And the reason why I subjected myself to a month of horror is gonna become clear in June when I review a certain type of movie. It's only three movies, but my god are they ever gonna take a lot of strength to get through. I won't reveal what they are now (feel free to guess) yet, but when I reveal what they are, well...may god as mercy on my soul.

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