Saturday, April 19, 2008

#3: House on Haunted Hill

While planning the "30 Days of Horror" I knew I had to do some Vincent Price films. I got two more coming up later today, but here we got the classic.

Vincent and his wife invite 5 strangers to this big haunted house and if they all can stay the night and live, they'll get $10,000. Soon, the drunk guy goes on and on about how haunted the place is and how many people died there and soon, they're all gonna die. Nora starts going to pieces when she sees a creepy ass lady zoom her away across the room and old dead heads (not Grateful Dead fans, actual DEAD heads) start popping up in her room. When Vincent's wife is found hung in the hallway, everyone declares that it was murder, not suicide.

I know I'm known to give away all the endings and twists but you either know them all yourself, or wanna find out on your own. I'll just say that there are maybe three twists at the end.

What I Liked:
-The creepy blind old lady and the way she suddenly appeared and zoomed out of shot.
-The way Vincent Price talked. He could read the phone book and upon hearing the words "ABC Dry Cleaners 1578 Indianapolis Blvd" I'd probably shit my pants in fear.
-How I randomly chose three films that take place in one setting, with the characters stuck there and forced to stay until they battle whatever is keeping them there.

What else can I say? Except screw the remake from the late 90's and just watch this classic. Oh and I should point out this was directed by William Castle, who deserves his own posting.


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