Friday, April 25, 2008

Day 25: The Tripper

"The Tripper" is directed and co-written by David Arquette, the weird guy married to Courtney Cox. I should've known that this movie would be a bit strange. Not cause it features a killer who dresses up, and even acts and talks like, Ronald Reagan. I knew that going into the movie.

See, the entire movie focuses around some concert in the middle of the forest where people go, listen to music, and get high off their asses. And that's fine, but we get P.O.V shots of these people as their tripping balls and it's all, well, trippy. Now that I think about it, that's probably where the title comes from. This movie is indeed a "tripper".

Not to sound lazy, but there's not much to know about this movie. There's modern day hippies. Rednecks who hate hippies. And a killer dressed as Reagan killing said hippies. I could go into the backstory but it's really not that interesting. You should just watch this movie cause it's about a Reagan serial killer.

And the cast is awesome. Jason "Jay" Mewes, oddly enough making his second apperance this month. Paul "Pee Wee" Ruebens, saying "fuck" a lot. Tom "Thomas" Jane as a no-nonsense cop who don't understand these hippies but leaves them alone anyway. Jamie "She's hot" King as the main chick in distress.

And I will give David Arquette some credit, he threw me for a loop. I thought I saw the ending coming but nope, there's no twist. It's all straightforward. I'm use to horror movies going like "Oh we'll have you think it's this person, but it's really this other person that we introduced for all of 5 seconds at the beginning of the movie and that person who you thought was the killer is really just misunderstood." Instead we get "This is the killer. Here's a guy, but he's now dead by the killer. Better run, bitch!", which is awesome.

And this movie is worth it to see Paul Ruebens hide in some shit. I can't tell you, just get the movie adn watch. He hides in shit. Seriously.

Well, played Mr. Arquette. Well played.


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