Sunday, April 20, 2008

Supernatural: Route 666

In a Very Special Episode of "Supernatural" we deal with a racist ghost and show that inter-racial marriages aren't all that bad!

A ghost appears to be stalking African American dudes and a hot black chick calls Dean to help figure out who killed her dad. Turns out the chick and Dean had a history, but she broke up with him when she found out he hunts ghosts for a living. After some looking, they find out that the people that were killed all had a secret: they killed this racist guy back in the 60's and they covered it up. So now the ghost is getting revenge, in the form of a big black truck. Can Sam & Dean stop a racist ghost? Will Dean and hot black chick get it on one last time? If her mom is white, why does she look 100% black?

This was a pretty good episode, slightly going back on track after the whole "daddy issue" arc we've been getting. But I'm sure before I'm done with season 1, there will be more stories involving Dad, and the ghosts n stuff will take a back seat.

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