Saturday, April 19, 2008

#4: Resident Evil

What is it about video games and zombies? First there's "House of the Dead", then to some extent "Silent Hill", now we got "Resident Evil". Probably out of the three, this one was pretty good. And just so you know, I never played any of the games. None. So I'm sure there were a bunch of "in references", like with "Silent Hill" that I didn't get. But don't matter cause I liked this movie.

And I liked this movie for one reason: zombie dogs.

I've always wanted to see a movie with zombie dogs cause it's such a brilliant idea. Dogs, on a whole, aren't that intelligent, so when they're zombified, they're stupid AND hungry for human flesh. There totally needs to be a movie with zombie animals. Zombie cats, monkeys, donkeys, elephants, the whole works. Any aspiring screenwriters out there, the idea's yours.

And I'm surprised how much skin we see of Milla whatever. We see a lot of nips, and at one point her va-jay-jay. If only more model/actresses were as open as her, the world would be a better place.

The plot? Some virus effects some building and a bunch of people go in to investigate. There's a homicidal computer, kinda like HAL, but not appearing in a boring ass movie. Soon, all the dead people in the building become undead as a result of this virus and everyone has to make their way out. Simple as that.

Oh and there's a dude that totally looks like a combination of Dane Cook and Disher from "Monk". I just wanted to point him out cause towards the end of the film, he got to cop a feel from Michelle Rodriguez, whom I'm sure kicked his ass once filming was done. Or she had a drink and decided to go for a drive. Whichever.

Stuff I Liked:
-Milla appearing naked throughout half the film.
-Zombie fuckin' dogs!
-A crazy computer that isn't HAL.
-And said computer speaking as a little girl with an English accent. Something pretty unsettling about that.

Well, now that I got this one out of the way, I can finally see the ten thousand sequels that are coming out now.


1 comment:

WaywardJam said...

Zombie dogs totally rule (And so does naked Milla)!

Loved the electric grid sequence.

Like you, never played Silent Hill, House of the Dead, or Resident Evil but thought RE the Movie was far and away the best of the bunch.

The ONLY good thing about HotD was a yummy, naked Erika Durance in the intro.