Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Supernatural: Hook Man & Bugs

"Hook Man" follows the classic urban legend. Well, actually it appears to be three. The whole "killer with a hook on his hand", "a kid dies, then is tied up by a tree and the chick in the car hears the scraping on the roof", and "the roommate dies and when the chick wakes up the next morning, she finds her body and the message 'Aren't You Glad You Didn't Turn On The Lights?' is written on the wall". And yes, all three appeared in the movie "Urban Legend". Oddly enough, the two I watched today seemed to follow similar story lines of horror movies.

"Bugs" freaked me out cause I don't like bugs. And there really isn't a ghost or demon at work here. This time, they're battling an Native American curse on a patch of land. The bugs in this area go berserk and start killing people, in this area where new fancy homes are being built. Sam & Dean find out that an Indian chief put a curse on the land if any white people were to take over it. Well, white people are taking over and now looked what happened. Soon, every bug you can think of appears and starts attacking like it's some story from the bible. One thing I noticed and I swear this happens in the episode.

Sam & Dean arrive at the last family on the block, the family that started this development on this land, to warn them. Of course they don't believe them until a huge giant swarm comes their way. Now Sam said when they got there it was midnight, give or take. When the bugs attacked, everyone ran into the house and we seen them more or less in real time. They boarded up the cracks in the doors and Dean found bug spray which he uses as a torch to burn the bugs and they eventually head up to the attic when the bugs flew down the chimney.

They make it up to the attic and fight off termites and other bugs up there. They realize it's hopeless so they huddle together. Now, the curse is gonna break at sunrise. At this point, since we followed them from outside to the attic, it should be maybe 12:15, 12:30 the latest. But nope. Within a minute, it's sunrise. I guess they just walked around the house super slow and whatnot.

And doesn't the whole "building houses on Indian land and now we're curse" from Poltergeist? I was getting into this show, but they're gonna rip off other material, I might've lost my faith in this show. Let's see what disc three has in store for us.

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