Saturday, April 19, 2008

#2: Zombie

Also known as "Zombi 2", this is a classic zombie film from Italian director Lucio Fulci. Almost everyone who knows something about horror, or at least zombie films, know this movie. Accordingly, this started production before "Dawn of the Dead" so when they found out about this, they added the beginning and the end that have to do with New York City and zombies slowly showing up in the city.

The main story involves a woman looking for her father. When the father's boat shows up in NYC harbor with a zombie on it, she gets curious. A newspaper reporter also gets curious and tags along with the woman to fly to an island to find her father. There, they, along with a couple that owns a boat, find the island to be overrun with the undead! And they meet a doctor who's looking for a reason why it's happening, even though the locals say they know why: voodoo!

Oh voodoo! Is there anything you don't do?

Stuff I liked:
-Two words: topless scubadiving!
-Three more words: Zombie shark fight
-The famous scene with the chick being slowly pulled onto the jagged piece of wood going closer to her eye is indeed a shudder inducing moment.
-The fact that it seems like this movie tried to explain the events in the "Of The Dead" series.

A few annoying things include the fact that all the characters shoot the zombies in the chest or stomache first before aiming for the head, even though they know that's the only way to kill them. The whole thing with the doctor's wife was a bit unessessary, she was only there for the eye-poking scene. And finally, was it voodoo? And if so, who did the voodoo that they do so well to cause it all to happen?

Ah, I shouldn't be asking myself such stupid questions. I did enjoy the movie and I'm glad I finally got around to see it.


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