Monday, April 21, 2008

Day 20: Supernatural-Nightmare

I only got to one episode today cause I was busy with another project almost the entire day. But I made sure to get this in before the day was over.

This episode deals more with Sam's psychic abilities as he forsees a dude in Michigan getting killed. They arrive too late but just in time to meet Max, the dude's son. They decide to disguise themselves as priests to get some answers, which makes me wonder why they haven't thought of that before. They find out that Max had a unhappy childhood and after Max's uncle gets killed in a strange way, they find out that Max is the killer, but using his psychic ablilities.

Sam & Dean arrive in time before Max kills his step-mom, who he blames for not doing anything to help, and it's revealed that Max's mom died the same exact way as Sam and Dean's mom. Sam thinks it has something to do with psychic kids or something, but not much is made clear about this. Eventually, Max kills himself and the world is less one whiny psychic.

So it appears that they're making Sam some sort of psychic who can forsee people dying in "supernatural" ways. I wonder how they exploit this in the upcoming episodes?

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