Monday, April 21, 2008

Day 21: I Am Legend

Dude! Another movie with zombie dogs! Too bad this movie is mediocre at best.

So Will Smith is the last human survivor of some virus outbreak that killed 90 billion people, or turned them into zombies.

Ok, here's another way of putting this. It's "Cast Away" meets "28 Days Laters". Substitute Tom Hanks with Will Smith. Substitute Wilson the Volleyball with Sam the Dog, and instead of finding ways off an island, he's gotta find a cure for this disease.

And the more we watch, the more bonkers he gets. He starts talking to manniquins like they're people on the street. Then again if I was by myself for 1000 days (yes, we pick up right on the thousandth day) I'd probably be talking to trees myself.

One part that wasn't explained was when one of his manniquin friends named Fred appears suddenly in the street, Will freaks out and guns him down, then stepping into a trap, where he's hung upside down all day. So who set the trap? Will, but he forgot? The zombies? I dunno, it's not explored too much.

Eventually, Will meets Ana, a kinda hot chick from some other country and a kid named Ethan. Will acts like a total dick to them, even making fun of her religion (I'm serious). But soon enough the zombies attack the house and I knew the movie was finally about to end. Whenever the central location we been at for half the movie is getting blown the fuck up, you know the movie is almost over. Keep that in mind.

When the humans hide out in Will's lab, they find that one of Will's test patients is slowly turning back to human. But the zombies are closing in, so she takes some half human, half zombie blood, gives it to Ana, and tells her to go to Vermont, where other survivors might be. Then Will blows himself up.

Wouldn't ya know it? There are survivors in Vermont. If Will wasn't too busy being a dick and left when he was suppose to, he coulda survived but NOOOO! Blah, I wasted too much time on this movie.

My main problem with the movie was the CGI, in that it was too obvious that half the things were totally fake. The deer, the zombies, hell probably even the non-zombie dog. I mean this is a Will Smith movie for cryin' out loud, isn't the budget a bit bigger then this?

And I find out that one of the screenwriters, and producers, is Akvia Goldsmith, who is partly responsible for the mess that is "Batman & Robin". Shudder at that thought, why don't you?


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WaywardJam said...

That shuffling Fred was a big sticking point to me. Whether Will forgot or Zombie King set the trap sucks as an explanation either way. Once that moment happened, I was over this mess.

And yes, the zombie CGI sucked donkey balls. It would've looked cool 10 years ago but they get a stamp of lame in this day and age.